Frequently Asked Questions

Scenic Horseback Trail Rides

Q: How old does my child need to be in order to ride a horse?
A: Your child MUST be 8+.

FYI: All riders under 18 MUST wear a helmet, which we provide.

Q: My Child is under the age limit or scared to ride alone, can they ride with me?
A: Due to the trail terrain, and for the health of our horses, we can not allow tandem riders for any reason.

Q: I have a party with more than 6 riders, and we can only do evenings or Sunday
A: we can accommodate large groups - please contact us with your party size and desired time.

Q: Is there something for my younger child(ren) to do at the barn? Can I bring my younger child(ren) just to pet the horses?
A: Currently, we do not have anything formalized; however, we do hope to have activities for younger children in the near future.

Q: I am traveling with a dog. Is there a place for them to stay while we ride?
A: If your dog is well-mannered + crate-trained, they are welcome to stay at the barn, crated. Please bring your own crate, and no barkers please! We also have barn cats, FYI!!

Q: What is the weight limit for horseback riders?
A: Riders MUST be less than 225lbs.

FYI: EMRC has the right to refuse potential riders for the health, safety, and best interests of our horses, staff, and other riders.

Q: What if it rains, snows, etc. on our scheduled day? What is your weather cancelation policy?
A: Mountain Weather can be very unpredictable and very different depending on where you are staying. We ask that you allow us to make the decision to cancel for weather. We will make every attempt to contact you as soon as the decision is made. In the event that we cancel, you will have the option to reschedule at the next available time, OR receive a full refund. If you cancel due to weather, you will not be refunded. All sales are final. We will ride in light, misty rain or snow (our favorite rides!), but not in downpours or lightening if we can avoid it. It is your responsibility to check your email/text for any cancelation notice, prior to your arrival.

Q: What if someone in our group gets Covid and we have to cancel?
A: All sales are final and no credit or refund will be given if cancellation is made within 24 hours of your scheduled ride.

Q: What if I have no horseback riding experience?
A: All of our horses are beginner and first time rider friendly. It is important for you to understand that animals, especially horses, can pick up on nervous or anxious feelings and react in a similar manner. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, please communicate with your trail guide.

Q: What do I need to bring for a horse ride?

** Closed toed shoes
** Clothing per weather (Spring and Summer are very wet, Fall and Winter are chilly)
**Signed waiver if not completed online. (Can be done digitally while booking)

FYI: All riders MUST have a signed waiver before riding

Horseback Riding Waiver

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